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we are happy to inform that our Bank has enabled the facility for payment of airfare through ATMs. To start with, this service is extended to Kingfisher Airlines. Efforts are on to extend such facility for other Airlines also. Currently this facility is available to our card holders through our ATMs only. No charges are levied from customers at present for this facility.

Advantages in payment of airfare though our ATMs:
1. Payment option for KFA air ticketing through our network of ATMs with ATM/Debit Card is the easiest and simplest hassle free option.
2. Saving of valuable time for customers in booking air tickets
3. 24 hours x 7 day service for payment through ATMs.
4. Instantaneous receipt furnishing the ticket details.

Steps involved in booking and payment of airfare: " Our customer requiring an air-ticket for travel in 'Kingfisher Airlines'(KFA)should call KFA through the toll free No. 18002333131 or 18001800101 or 18002333535 and inform the travel details;
" The Executive at the Call Centre confirms the availability of ticket;
" On confirmation from the customer about payment through Indian Bank ATM using ATM/Debit card, the Executive provides a 'Booking Reference No. (BRN) and the time limit for payment. At present the validity of BRN is six hours before which the payment has to be made.
Payment through Indian Bank ATM:
" Our customer enters PIN on insertion of ATM/Debit card in our bank ATM;
" The options to be selected in the Main screen-sequence
(a) 'Others'
(b) 'Others' again
(c) Airline Ticketing
(d) Airline ticket payment
(e) Kingfisher;
" Enter BRN
" Re-enter and confirm BRN
" Ticket details are displayed
" On confirmation of ticket details, confirm payment
" Select account type
" Fare amount is debited to the account
" ATM prints receipt with flight details and also with PNR number.
" This receipt is to be used by the customer along with his/her photo id at the airport to collect boarding pass.

The customer can view flight details, next(link) flight details, guest (passenger) details in the respective screen by choosing the appropriate option. It may please be noted that Reprint option is to be used only if printer has a problem and customer does not get a print out of PNR through the ATM.

Settlement of Dispute transactions:
If any dispute transaction is encountered by the cardholder, the branch should furnish complete particulars of such transaction to ATM Service Centre (Chennai) for settlement of such transactions.

Cancellation procedure:
Cancellations will be done by the Customers at KFA Call center/ Ticketing offices. KFA will send an authority letter to the bank providing details like card no. & the amount to be refunded to the card holder. Hence branches may advise the customers to follow up with KFA for refund of cancellation amount under copy to the branch who will in turn follow up with ATM service centre for crediting to customer account on receipt of intimation from KFA.

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