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Investment planning is choosing the right product for achieving a specific goal within a defined time period. In investment planning your risk taking capability and asset allocation play a major role.  Your risk tolerance level is mainly decided, depending upon your age and current financial position. Once your risk bearing capacity is arrived you can decide upon your asset allocation for investing purpose. There are many financial products available in the market. But you need to choose which can reward you with optimal returns basing on your risk taking capacity.

The major areas that require investment planning are buying a House, Car, Children Education, Marriage, going on vacation, retirement etc..

In investment planning the basis and order of priority will always be Goal, Time period, return and product. These things if rightly chosen will give you the ease and comfort in investing and achieving your investment objective. There are other quantitative factors that influence your investment planning such as inflation, power of compounding, and time value of money, which will automatically be taken care once you choose the right product for the right period of time.

We at Indian bank will assist you in choosing the right product for specific goal basing on your risk appetite. We will suggest you multiple investment options, explain pros and cons of each product, finally you can choose a product that best suits your investment objective.

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