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We, at Indian Bank endeavor continuously to serve all your financial needs.

We understand that presently you may be taking all investment decisions by yourself, using your own knowledge and expertise. Considering the multiplicity and complexity of investment options now available in the market, collecting and analyzing such information may involve considerable time and efforts on your part. In an attempt to assist you in taking right decisions in financial matters, we introduce to you our new venture

Wealth Management Services

Wherein we will share with you our expertise that we gained over the last 100 years of banking.  We have a dedicated team of Wealth Managers (WMs) to assist you in your Financial Planning, including

·         Analyzing your risk profile,

·         Understanding your present and future financial needs,

·         Matching your requirements with the available investment options

·         Explaining the risk inherent in such investments 

·         Achieving the returns to fulfill with your financial objectives and goals.

Your Dreams


Each one of us has a dream to fulfill, like

·   To see our investments growing

·   To meet our liabilities fully and timely

·   Optimising tax liability

·   Marriage or Higher education for children

·   Having a peaceful retired life

·   Protect our families from any unforeseen events

·   To insure our health as well as our assets

Your Challenges

However there are challenges to be met before the above dreams are achieved.  The main challenges in developing a Financial Plan are your:

·         Income stream

·         Risk Appetite

·         Cash outflows

·         Available investment avenues

·         Social obligations


We offer you Advisory Services, without handling your funds in any form. Beginning from your present financial profile, our Customer Relationship Officers would take you through the various stages involved in Financial Planning, like assessing your risk profile, understanding your future needs and security concerns, income streams and your retirement goals.  We also understand that preserving wealth for future generations is also top in your list of priorities. We can structure a suitable financial plan for you, with appropriate asset allocations over different time horizons, to help you achieve your life goals. We also assist you in executing the plan by liaising with our business partners in India and abroad.
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