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Service Charges on ATM Services

Service Charges on ATM Services

Service charges for usage of ATM Debit cards 

ATMs Charges for Cash
Withdrawal transaction
Charges for Non Financial transaction (Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, PIN change etc)
Savings Current Savings Current
Indian Bank ATM Free Free Free Free
Other Banks ATM (Domestic)
Metro ATMs* : 3 Free Transactions/ MonthNon Metro ATMs : 5 Free Transactions/ Month
Free Rs. 20/- per transaction Free Rs. 10/- per transaction
Other Banks ATM (Domestic)
For transactions exceeding Free transactions in a month
Rs. 20/- per transaction Rs. 20/- per transaction Rs. 10/- per transaction Rs. 10/- per transaction
Master Card (International) Rs.100/- plus taxes Rs.100/- plus taxes Rs.20/- plus taxes Rs.20/- plus taxes

* Other Bank ATMs located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkatta, Hyderabad (List of Metro ATMs in Indian Bank)
** Free  transactions in a month are inclusive of Financial (Cash withdrawal) and Non Financial transactions

Payment Gateway Charges

Railway Booking Charges (IRCTC/CRIS) per transaction Rs. 10/-
TNEB Transactions

Transaction Amt. up to Rs. 500 – Rs. 5/-
Transaction Amt. above Rs. 500 – Rs. 10/-

Usage on Merchant website (Powered by CC Avenues) Rs. 5/-

NOTICE to Customers on Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for Debit Cards:
Our Bank issues MasterCard co-branded Global ATM/Debit cards to account holders. Indian Bank Debit cards are accepted globally and offer the convenience of anytime banking to the customers. It has been decided to levy Annual Maintenance Charges on the Debit Cards as follows:

AMC Charges ** MAESTRO Debit Card MASTER Card Debit Card INTERNATIONAL EMV CARDS Normal RuPay Cards (other than PMJDY)
AMC for first year FREE FREE FREE FREE
AMC from second year onwards Rs.100/- +tax i.e.Rs.115/- per year Rs.100/- +tax i.e.Rs.115/- per year Rs.150/- +tax i.e.Rs.173/- per year Rs.100/- +tax i.e.Rs.115/- per year

** The above charges are not applicable for the Senior Citizen Debit Cards and Biometric Debit Cards.
Note to Customers on Charges for issue of Duplicate Card / Pin Mailers :
The following charges are applicable to customers for issue of Duplicate Card/ PIN Mailers:

Nature of Service

Applicable Charges **
(Inclusive of Service Tax)

Issue of Duplicate PIN

Rs . 25.00

Unblocking of Hot listed Cards (De-hot listing)

Rs. 50.00

Issue of ATM / Debit Card along with PIN (master/maestro/platinum/Ru-pay cards)

Rs. 152.00

Issue of EMV master card (chip embedded)

Rs. 252.00

** Postage / Courier charges extra as applicable.

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