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(English) Know your eligibility

(English) Know your eligibility

Your account number must contain only 10 digits. Your account number looks like less than 10 digits. Your account number must contain only 10 digits, alphabet and special character not allowed. Well Done!.
  1. Whether the excess over the Drawing power/Drawing Limit and or interest arrears as on 1.3.2020 is more than 30 days( for all the loan accounts of the borrower)

  2. Whether the unit is affected by the impact of covid-19

  3. Whether the borrower is falling under the category of

    • Exposures to financial service providers including NBFCs
    • Exposures to Central and State Governments, Local Government bodies (e.g. Municipal Corporations) and body corporates established by an Act of Parliament or State Legislature
  4. Whether the borrower agrees to maintain the asset category as Standard asset till the date of invocation

  5. Whether the unit will be able to generate cash flows sufficient enough to make repayment commitments as per the restructuring plan within the next 2 years.

  6. TOL/ ATNW as per latest ABS is compliant to benchmark levels as per the Annexure provided in this website.

  7. Whether all the guarantors are agreeable for the resolution plan

  8. Whether the borrower is agreeable to the Bank’s condition that the right of recompense will be invoked by the Bank for the sacrifice if any involved in the restructuring, by way of interest, charges etc.

Please take up with your branch with the following further details:

  1. Maintenance of the account as standard asset till the date of invocation.
  2. Rating of the resolution plan by Bank/ICA (Independent Credit rating Agency) is within the norms.
  3. The Resolution Plan.
  4. Compliance of the guidelines of resolution plan as applicable to timeline norms such as Reference, Invocation and Implementation dates.
  5. Compliance of the other financial benchmark levels stipulated by the committee report from RBI.
  6. Compliance of the guidelines as applicable for consortium/multiple Banking lending.
  7. Valuation reports, Stock and book debts audit, TEV study as applicable to the category of borrowers as per the restructuring package.
  8. Any other conditions, the sanctioning authority may stipulate based on the requirements.