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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is an initiative by Government of India in which affordable housing is provided to the urban poor. Credit linked subsidy is provided on home loans taken by eligible urban poor (EWS/LIG) for acquisition, construction of house.

Under Affordable Housing through Credit Linked Subsidy there are 4 schemes:

  • CLSS – EWS / LIG
  • Revised CLSS – EWS/LIG
  • CLSS (MIG-I)

Scheme guidelines is as below:

S.No. Conditions Eligibility requirement for

“Ind Awas EWS/LIG”

Eligibility requirement for

“Ind Awas MIG1 & 2”

1. House property Should be a first pucca house for the family
2. Definition of family A beneficiary family will comprise husband, wife and unmarried children.
3. Ownership of the property Female member of the family must have interest in the property either singly or jointly with male head of the family.


However, in case of plot already owned by the male member, female can be taken as a co-applicant/ guarantor.


Only in cases when there is no adult female member in the family, the house can be in the name of male member of the household.

An adult earning member can be considered as a separate household and ownership can be either of the names of male/female member of the family.
4. Location of the property The property should be located in the Statutory Towns/ Urban Planning Area of the said Town
5. Annual household income In respect of EWS, the annual household income of the family should not exceed Rs.3.00 lakhs.


In respect of LIG, the same should not exceed Rs.6.00 lakhs.

In respect of MIG I, the annual household income of the family should not exceed Rs.12.00 lakhs.


In respect of MIG II, the same should not exceed Rs.18.00 lakhs.

6. Carpet area No specific restriction in carpet area except repairs/extension (as provided below).


The beneficiary, at his/her discretion, can build a house of larger area but interest subvention would be limited to first Rs. 6 lakhs of the loan amount only.

For MIG I – carpet area should not exceed 160 sq.m.


For MIG II – carpet area should not exceed 200 sq.m.

7. Purpose

Repairs/ Extension

In case of extension, total carpet area of the house including the extended portion not to exceed 30 sqm / 60 sqm for EWS / LIG respectively.


In case of repairs, the loan can be considered for conversion of ‘Kutcha / Semi pucca’ house to a ‘pucca’ house.

The purpose of the loan should not have been for repairs/renovations both in cases of MIG I and MIG II

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