IndOASIS Checksum

IndOASIS Checksum

A Checksum is a value used to verify the integrity of a file or a data transfer. This assures the receiver that the files/data has not been compromised over the internet.

Platform MD5 SHA1 SHA256
Android 32-bit 34d0 76fc 1980 79f2 4891 ebad c0d9 545b F1B9 0357 FDB5 47CA 352C 81CE 9BAC 07D3 A4B7 B7A5 9AD4 C6EB 5650 C2E4 1373 F2E0 22F0 3278 EC10 3C09 8CCF D31C 341A 0518 FB10 C02F
Android 64-bit C4E2 3D29 1C2D 6F52 D1DB C0B5 2626 C733 69FD E961 FC14 3CE0 6704 DCCE 1860 70D1 3D89 DF66 8BF4 B960 4BF8 1189 AF8A CA2A 16DB 383E
IOS cf3f 40fe 6ea4 2221 4299 6645 265e d85c 9029 dfde 8c4e a559 6239 3a93 c0e9 7f4e 2367 9353  

Features of Checksum Validation

  • To verify that the content in the file is of integral nature
  • To confirm that the file has neither been altered by unauthorized third party,nor been damaged during the transfer process across the internet
  • To act as signature of the file

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