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Plot Loan

Plot Loan

Target  Group Eligible persons/Age of the Applicants/Recognition of Income level /NTHP as applicable for Home Loan Scheme to Residents/NRIs.
Purpose Purchase of House site on ownership basis( not on lease basis) layout of which  duly approved by Competent Authority .
Quantum of loan Permitted  up to 36 times of the Gross Monthly Income ( as per latest Salary Slip for salary class) or THREE times of Annual Net Income ( in case of P& SE /Business category- based on average of latest Two years ) subject to maximum of Rs,1200.00 lakhs.
For purchase  of property in Amount of loan ( Rs. In lakhs)
Rural Area 100.00
Semi urban   200.00
Urban    600.00
Metro    1200.00
Margin Maximum 25 % for residents and NRIs on the cost of plot.

LTV ratio should not exceed 75%. If the value of the plot to be purchased is more than Rs.100.00 lakhs, valuation of two Independent panel engineers are to be obtained

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  • EM of house site to be purchased and the EM are to be registered.
Other Terms
  • For NRIs /PIOs Purchase of plot in rural areas is not permitted
  • Property should be properly protected  by fencing/compound walls
  • Property to be purchased should be in   a good, accessible, developed/developing area
  • Interest and installments repaid  will not rank for IT benefits

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