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Plot Loan

Plot Loan

Eligibility Eligible persons and Age of the applicants as applicable to Home loan to Residents
Purpose / Objective For purchase of House Site on ownership basis; House site should be located in layout which is approved by Competent Authority
Quantum of Loan 36 times of the Gross Monthly Income (as per latest salary slip – for salaried class) or 3 times of Annual Net Income (In case of Professional & Self-employed / business category – based on average of latest two years) subject to a maximum of Rs.300.00 lakhs, subject to availability of  40% Net Take Home pay on Gross Monthly Income  after deduction of EMI for the proposed loan, apart from other deductions

The cap on Plot Loan per borrower has been fixed as under:
*For purchase of property in Rural area : Rs. 50.00 lakhs
*For purchase of property in Semi-urban area : Rs. 100.00 lakhs
*For purchase of property in Urban area : Rs. 200.00 lakhs
*For purchase of property in Metro : Rs. 300.00 lakhs.

Margin 25% on Land cost
Processing fee 1.18% on loan amount
Interest Rates Please refer to the Lending Rates link on home page of our Bank`s Website

*Construction of house has to commence within 2 years from the date of availing the loan / from the date of handing over possession by the Government Housing Development Agency, as the case may be, otherwise higher Rate of Interest will be charged for the delayed period.

Repayment Maximum 180 EMIs (No Holiday Period)
Prepayment charges NIL
Security * Equitable Mortgage of Property purchased out of loan proceeds. * Equitable Mortgage to be registered (at Applicant’s cost) if there is a provision for the same in the State where property is located.
CERSAI registration (at Applicant’s cost) to be done
(i) For Loans up to Rs 5 Lakhs – Rs 50 + ST
(II) For Loans above Rs 5 Lakhs – Rs 100 + ST
Documents to be submitted for processing the application As detailed in our Home Loan product. All the applicable/relevant documentary evidences are to be submitted

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