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जमा / जमा के खिलाफ ऋण

जमा / जमा के खिलाफ ऋण

पात्रता हमारे बैंक की सावधि जमा धारक
ऋण की राशि जमा के संचित मूल्य का 90%
हाशिया जमा के संचित मूल्य पर 10%
ब्याज दर मुआवजे की अवधि के लिए लागू दर से 2%
वापसी * लचीले
* जमा की परिपक्वता की अधिकतम तिथि
जमानत सावधि जमा की प्रतिज्ञा
मुख्य विशेषताएं किसी भी बैंक योग्य प्रयोजन के लिए
* बीपीएलआर और आधार दर – होम पेज में उपलब्ध है

Providing “e-OD” an Online Product to eTD Customers

In order to facilitate the customers, a New Online Product – “e-OD” facility (similar to that of OD against Deposits) to our e-TD customers has been introduced, which can be availed by the customers, at their convenience, without visiting the Branch.

Features of the Product:

  • e-OD is available for Retail Net Banking Customers, who have e-TD accounts.
  • The applicable Rate of Interest for this e-OD Product is 2% over the e-TD rate. For Staff (including Retirees), it is 0.50% over the deposit rate.
  • Separate e-OD account is to be opened for each e-TD account.
  • Customers can remit money to the e-OD account.
  • The expiry date of e-OD will be the maturity date of the eTD Account.
  • Currently, closing of e-OD account can be done only at the branch.

Process Flow:

  • e-OD menu is enabled for Retail Net banking customers. It is available under “My Accounts” menu in New Internet Banking Website.
  • On clicking “e-OD”, Terms and conditions for e-OD account Opening will be displayed.
  • On confirming to “I Agree” option, e-OD account opening page will be displayed. A drop down list of e-TDA account numbers eligible for availing e-OD will be displayed.
  • When an e-TDA account is selected, the limit eligible for e-OD amount will be displayed. After verifying the limit and entering the transaction password, OTP validation screen is displayed.
  • On successful validation of OTP, e-OD account is opened and details of the account are displayed to the customer and amount is available for use from that account.

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