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Bank in order to comply with the directions of Hon’ble Court /Tribunal Orders for opening multiple term deposits of different amounts in a single day, a special term deposit Product “IND COURT “ has been introduced.

These term deposits are to be opened as per the direction of Hon’ble court during the pendency of proceedings before them and as per the court case number /jointly in the name of the claimant.

Under this Product, Branches will be able to open multiple retail term & bulk deposits in a single day without any cap on the intraday with a single CIF to comply with the order of Court/Tribunal other than MACAD Deposits.

Salient Features:

Target Group Judiciary Bodies (Courts /Tribunals)

Ø  Registrar General of the Court

Ø  Presiding Officer

Except Motor Accident Claims Annuity Deposit accounts.


Deposit Amount Minimum – ₹100/-

Maximum – No limit

Tenor Minimum; – 7 Days

Maximum – 10 years

Rate of Interest For Deposit Below ₹2 Crs –   Retail Card Rate

For Deposit of ₹2 Crs and above- Bulk Card Rates

Mode of Interest Payment Monthly / Quarterly / Maturity
Nomination Facility Not Allowed
Roll Over Option Available

Auto Rollover of the maturity amount (principal +interest) will be in the respective maturity bucket.

Pre Closure Facility Available

Premature Closure to be allowed only after proper mandate has been received from the concerned authority.

PRECLOSURE PENALTY As per existing norms.
TDS Exempted under the guidelines of Circular No.23/2015 dated 28.12.2015 issued by CBDT, Dept. of Revenue under Ministry of Finance.
15G /15H Not Applicable
Other Terms & Conditions ·         System will allow opening of multiple term deposits in a single day through home branch

·         The account should be fully KYC Compliant.

·         Valid PAN/Form-60 should be obtained wherever applicable.

·         Loan against the Term Deposit Opened under this product is not allowed.

·         Home Branch change not allowed.


( Last modified on Jul 01, 2023 at 06:07:01 PM )

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