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Positive Pay System (PPS)

Positive Pay System (PPS)

To safeguard your hard-earned money against cheque frauds, as per RBI guidelines, Bank has introduced Positive Pay System for cheques of Rs. 2.00 lakhs and above w.e.f. 01.01.2021. Through Positive Pay, cheques will be processed for payment, based on information passed on by you at the time of issuance of cheque. Now Positive Pay System will be mandatory from 15.08.2021.

You need to share the following details of the issued cheque at least 24 working hours before the cheque is presented in clearing.

  1. Account Number:
  2. Cheque Number:
  3. Date of Cheque [Cheque Issue date]:
  4. Amount:
  5. Transaction Code [2 digit code available at the bottom of your cheque] :
  6. Beneficiary Name :
  7. MICR Code :[9 digit code available at the bottom of your cheque]

The details can be shared through the following modes:

  1. Bank’s Website: Click here
  2. Internet Banking: Click Here 
  3. Mobile Banking: For Android Click Here  ,  For IOS Click Here
  4. Branch: Share the details with your home branch in the Prescribed Format

Navigation for submission of cheque details under PPS at various channels is as under:

  1. Website (Useful Links -> Online Services -> Positive Pay System)
  2. Mobile Banking (IndOasis) (Value added Services -> Positive Pay System)
  3. Internet Banking (Value added Services -> Positive Pay – Cheque Request)

Bulk Facility for Corporate & Other Customers:

We understand that the volume of cheques will be huge for you. So, we have made it simple. Just share the cheque details in the Excel (Click to download) file with your home branch from your registered e-mail and we will update the same.

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