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Ind Mortgage

Ind Mortgage

Eligibility Who can apply

  1. Salaried class:
    * Permanent Employees of Central / State Govt. / Quasi Govt. Bodies / Public Limited Companies / reputed Private Limited Companies with clear record of paying timely salaries.
    * Applicant should have minimum completed service of 3 years
    * Employees of Indian Bank and other Banks (PSU / Private / Foreign / Co-op) are also eligible.
  2. P & SE, Other Individuals, Sole-proprietor & Other Business Class:* Self employed / Professionals / Traders / Businessmen including , Sole Proprietary concern, Firms and Limited companies are eligible based on their income level and cash flow.
  3. Pensioners:All Central / State Govt. Pensioners, Family Pensioners, Re-employed pensioners who are drawing their pension through our branches are eligible
  4. NRI customers are also included subject to the condition that the end use is for bankable purpose, as permitted by RBI.

Age criteria:

For individuals: Minimum entry level age: 18 years.
Salaried Class individuals: Exit Level age : 60 years (or date of retirement whichever is earlier)
Other individuals: Exit Level age : 70  years

Purpose  Any purpose including repairs, renovation of buildings, marriage, education, household festivals / functions, Medical or any bankable purpose other than speculative purposes

Quantum of Loan.

  1. Individuals: – Loan quantum considering age & repayment capacity

Minimum: Rs.5.00 Lakhs

Maximum: Proposals upto Rs.2500 Lakhs

2.Other than Individuals: Loan quantum considering repayment capacity:

Minimum: Rs.5.00 Lakhs

Maximum: Proposals upto Rs.2500 Lakhs

3.For loan amount beyond Rs. 2500 lakhs, loan will be sanctioned at Corporate                  office level committee upto their delegated credit powers.

Margin 40% of the Realisable Sale Value of the immovable property offered as security – if property is situated in Tier-I & II cities.
50% in case of properties situated in other places.
Processing fee Click here
Rate of Interest Click here
Repayment For Salaried class:

Not exceeding 84 months (No holiday period)

Can be extended upto 180 months by ZLCC – If the applicant is employed in: Central / State Govt. undertakings / profit making PSUs / MNCs (rated by FITCH / S&P etc at ‘BBB’ and above) & Top Notch Corporates (i.e. companies having external rating of “BBB” and above) OR if the mortgage property is situated in Tier I, Tier II centres on case to case basis.

In case of all salaried class borrowers (including co-applicants/guarantors), where salary is credited with other banks, ECS duly registered in our bank’s favour should be provided before release of limit.

In case of Salary Credit with our bank, Standing Instruction for recovery should be provided before release of limit.

The borrower (including co-applicants/guarantors) has to give an Undertaking stating that the ECS mandate / Standing Instruction given by him will not be revoked during the currency of the loan without our Bank’s written consent.

For Professional & Self Employed / Other Individuals (incl. Pensioners)/ Business Class:

Not exceeding 84 months (No Holiday period)

If the mortgage property is situated in Tier I, Tier II centres, the Maximum Period can be extended up to 180 months by ZLCC.

In all these cases, the borrower’s personal / business accounts shall be maintained only with our bank / transferred to our bank to facilitate monitoring the level of their income / revenues. Standing Instruction for recovery should be provided. 

Security *Equitable Mortgage of Property offered as security.
*Equitable Mortgage to be registered (at Applicant’s cost) if there is a provision for the same in the State where property is located.
*Ind Mortgage Loan against Agricultural property or disputed property / property attached by Income Tax authorities not allowed.
*The property leased to Hospital, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Orphanages, and Educational Institutions or to any other similar social sector infrastructure will not be accepted.
* CERSAI registration (at Applicant’s cost) to be done
Documents to be submitted for processing the application 1. Completed Application Form with passport size photograph.
2. Proof of Identity such as PAN Card / Voter’s ID/Passport/Driving License.
3. Proof of residence such as Recent Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Passport / Voter’s ID.
4. Proof of business address in respect of businessmen / industrialists.
5. Proof of Employment.
6. Salary Certificate.
7. Proof of other income like rent, interest on investment, if any.
8. Balance Sheet for the past three financial years in the case of Professionals, Businessmen & Self employed.
9. Income Tax / Wealth Tax (if applicable) Returns for the past 3 years.
10. Sale Deed.
11. Approved Building Plan.
12. Title Deed Documents for 30 years.
13. Proof of title in the Revenue Records. (Legal Opinion from Advocate & Valuation of property from Engineer will be arranged by Bank at applicant’s cost).
Property (offered as security) to be insured at borrower’s cost with Bank clause against fire, flood, earthquake, riot and other risks, which are normally covered by insurance companies.
Insurance Property (offered as security) to be insured at borrower’s cost with Bank clause against fire, flood, earthquake, riot and other risks, which are normally covered by insurance companies – for the entire loan period.

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