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Mean Interest Rate for Individual MSME Borrowers for the quarter ended 31.12.2017


Framework for Revival and Rehabilitation of MSME

Code of Bank`s Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises (pdf)

Rehabilitation of SICK MSE UNITS for the Quarter ended June 2017 (pdf)

MSME Policy of the Bank – (pdf)

Online MSME Loan Application | Online MSME Loan Application Status

Credit proposal Tracking System – Report for the quarter ended December 2017

Report of MSME Applications received/sanctioned/rejected for the quarter ended June 2018-.MSME Applications Reporting 

Presence in MSME Clusters

Bank has presence in the following SME Clusters and also launched Cluster Specific Schemes for these Clusters

1.Textiles Cluster in Bhilwara
2.Ceramic Cluster in Morbi
3.Rice Cluster at Nellore, Chittoor & Trichy
4.Rig cluster at Tiruchengode, Salem
5.Truck Finance for Salem and Namakkal Districts
6.Truck Finance for Karur, Ariyalur, Perambalur & Trichy Districts
7.Textile Cluster for Ichalkaranji.
8.Footwear Cluster, Bahadurgarh, Delhi
9.Export cluster at MEPZ, Chennai

• Specialised MSME Branches in each State-  (branches).

• MSME Campaigns held & number of borrowers given loans in the campaigns

Special Campaign for extending credit to MSME Sector are being undertaken frequently and salient features of various schemes communicated to customers through meetings and advertisements (hoardings and advertisements in vernacular daily newspapers etc).
Presently, MSME DAY organised all over the country on 30th May 2014 .

• Most Important Terms & Conditions for MSME Products

1) The borrower should maintain adequate books of accounts, as per applicable accounting practices and standards, which should correctly reflect its financial position and scale of operations and should not radically change its accounting system without notice to the Bank.
2) The Bank will have the right to share credit information as deemed appropriate with Credit Information Companies (CICs) or any other institution as approved by RBI from time to time.
3) Bank will have the right to examine at all times the borrower‟s books of accounts and to have the borrower‟s factories inspected, from time to time, by officer(s) of the Bank and /or qualified auditors and/ or technical experts and or managements consultants of the Bank‟s choice. Cost of such inspection shall be borne by the borrower.
4) The borrower shall keep the Bank informed of the happening of any event likely to have a substantial effect on their profit or business: for instance, if, the monthly production or sales are substantially less than what had been indicated, the borrower shall immediately inform the Bank with explanations and the remedial steps taken and / or proposed to be taken.
5) The borrower will utilize the funds for the purpose they have been lent. Any deviation will be dealt with as per RBI guidelines.
6) In the event of default, or where signs of inherent weakness are apparent, the Bank shall have the right to securitise the assets charged and in the event of such securitization, the Bank will suitably inform the borrower(s) and guarantor(s).
7) Bank reserves the right to vary the spread at any point of time, by giving due notice to the borrower.
8) The Bank reserves to itself the right to cancel / suspend / reduce any or all the limits sanctioned and to alter / amend / vary the terms of sanction including rate of interest at its sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever.
9) Bank reserves the right to increase the rate of interest by modifying the spread in case of downward migration in rating based on audited / provisional balance sheet.
10) Our rate of interest should not be less than that of any other banks‟ rate of interest lending for the same purpose and if the same is under consortium/MBA.
11) Sanction is valid for a period of 3 months only. Subsequently the bank reserves the right to refuse revalidation. On revalidation, bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions including rate of interest based on the review of the proposal at the time of revalidation.
12) In case of non acceptance of some of the terms and conditions stipulated in the sanction, the borrower should take up with the bank their request for amendment in sanction terms within 15 days from the date of communication of sanction terms by the bank/branch. The amendment however will be at the sole discretion of the bank
13) Bank is entitled to charge and recover various fees/charges like legal opinion charges, Engineer‟s valuation fee, inspection charges, charges for doing search with ROC, ROC registration charges , EM registration charges etc from the borrower as per the rules of the Bank as applicable from time to time
14) Acceptance of immovable properties offered as security is subject to the legal opinion (unqualified) of the Bank’s approved lawyer(s), conveying a clear, valid, subsisting and marketable title, valuation of the property by the Bank’s Approved Engineer and furnishing of up-to-date certificate showing Nil encumbrance and up-to-date tax paid receipt. The cost to be borne by the borrower.
15) In addition to these terms and conditions all the facilities sanctioned shall be subject to the Bank‟s rules as well as the directives issued by RBI from time to time.
16) The assets and liabilities statement of persons who have offered their personal guarantee to be furnished once in a year.
17) The duplicate copy of the sanction letter to be returned duly signed by the authorized signatory as token of acceptance of terms and conditions.
18) The advance must be used for the purpose for which it is sanctioned. The borrower shall provide an “End use certificate” from the chartered accountant. The “end use certificate” shall certify that the funds drawn down have been used for the purpose mentioned in the loan application. Any deviation will be dealt with as per RBI guidelines.
19) Unless otherwise specified, the sanction of Working Capital limits availed will remain in force for a period of one year from the date of sanction. Any request for renewal / enhancement should be made at least three months in advance and the application should be accompanied by all the relevant data as required by Bank.
20) Processing charges for renewal of facilities will be charged irrespective of whether the renewal papers are submitted or not. However, continuation of facilities will be at the sole discretion of the Bank.
21) Property tax paid receipts for the properties under mortgage shall be produced every year.
22) Securities offered for one or more facilities and charged to the Bank shall also stand as additional security for all other facilities now granted or to be granted from time to time.
23) Fixed assets charged to the Bank are subject to valuation at least once in three years or at shorter periodicity as per the decision of the Bank.
24) The Borrower shall ensure that the balance in the account including the periodical interest charged / chargeable is well within the drawing limit at all times.
25) Interest will be charged on the last working day of the month on per annum payable monthly basis or as prescribed by Reserve Bank of India/Bank and shall be serviced within a maximum period of 15 days.
• Format of the loan application form with checklist
Common Application Form For MSMEs (pdf)
Application Form for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) Mudra Loans (English) | Hindi

• Interest rate on SME products

» Interest Rate » Service Charges

SLP advances – IND SME Secure, My Own Shop, IB Doctor Plus, IB Professional plus, IB Ayushmaan, IB Annapoorna, IB Vidya Mandir, IB BPO Finance, IB Shanti Niketan, IND Vahana, IB Travel Tours, IB Caterer and IB Star Rice Mill. Non SLP advances for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises;

• OTS Scheme of the Bank-(pdf)

• Grievance Redressal Mechanism for MSMEs

All MSME customer complaints shall be properly redressed. Controlling Offices have a separate desk for grievance redressal of MSME sector. .

• Debt Restructuring Mechanism for MSMEs– pdf File

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