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National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) feature enables the Bank’s customers to use their Debit Cards as a travel card for travelling in Metro Rail and Buses where this facility is enabled.

To use this facility Indian Bank Customer can follow the below steps:

Enabling the Rupay Wallet on Debit Card

  1. Obtain a RuPay Contactless (NCMC) Debit Card from your branch.
  2. If your Debit Card is a personalized RuPay Contactless (NCMC) Debit Card, Rupay Wallet is already enabled on the card automatically.
  3. If your Debit Card is an Insta (non-personalized) RuPay Contactless (NCMC) Debit Card, Please inform the branch to enable the RuPay wallet on your Debit Card.

Adding Money to the RuPay Wallet

The RuPay Wallet on your RuPay Contactless (NCMC) Debit Card can store up to Rs.2,000/-. This amount can be utilized for travel or any other offline transactions (Tap & Go) such as parking, toll fare etc.

To Add Money to the Rupay Wallet, Please follow any one of the below Steps:

  1. Add Money By Paying Cash to the Operator available in the Metro Station.
  2. Add Money through Debit Card: Amount will be added to wallet by Debiting the Savings Bank or Current Account linked to the RuPay Contactless (NCMC) Debit Card.

Once the above process of Adding Money is completed, the added amount will be stored on the card and the same can be utilized for offline transactions (Tap & Go) at Metro stations and other locations where NCMC payments are enabled.

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