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Point of Sale (PoS)

Point of Sale (PoS)

PoS machines are absolutely FREE

for IB i-Freedom Prime account holders


A PoS (Point of Sale) machine is an electronic device through which a customer can make payment to merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service through debit/credit/prepaid cards or QR scanning. Merchant may issue a printed receipt / e-receipt for successful transaction.

Types of PoS

  • Android PoS – PoS terminal having Android Smartphone functionality with full touch, printer & inbuilt camera. Works with GPRS/Wifi connectivity along with battery backup.
  • GPRS PoS – PoS terminal with keypad and with printer. Works with GPRS/Wifi connectivity along with battery backup.
  • SoftPoS – Mobile application based payment acceptance facility with Tap-n-Pay and QR functionality.

How to avail PoS(Android/GPRS):

  • Submit PoS application and Agreement to the nearest Indian Bank Branch.
  • Enrolment of Merchant done upon receipt of application recommended by Zone.
  • After enrolment, Unique merchant ID (MID & TID) is created and terminal is dispatched to the merchant after validation.
  • Installation call made to the merchant for activation.
  • Two models are available for obtaining PoS viz.,
    • Rental model: Pay monthly charge till PoS is active
    • Onetime Payment model: Pay once for purchase of PoS and enjoy nominal monthly fee

How to avail Indian Bank SoftPoS:

  • Download “Indian Bank SoftPoS” from Google Playstore.
  • Merchant can self-on-board by providing required details & uploading relevant documents.
  • Upon successful completion; Unique merchant ID (MID & TID) will be generated.
  • After verification of the documents uploaded; merchant can start transaction.
  • There is no monthly fee for using “Indian Bank SoftPoS”.

Value added Services:

  • Cash[at]PoS – Cardholder can withdraw cash upto Rs. 2000/- through PoS machine.
  • QR[at]PoS – Payment acceptance through UPI-QR code displayed in PoS machine.
  • EMI[at]PoS – Credit card holders can convert the payment into Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) through EMI facility enabled in PoS machine.
  • Sodexo acceptance – Sodexo supplied food cards acceptance in PoS machine.
  • International card acceptance Facility – Foreign cards acceptance in PoS machine.
  • Integration of PoS with Merchant software – PoS can be integrated with merchant billing software solution in PoS machine.
  • Android billing solution – In-app billing solution in Android PoS machine.
  • PoS manager app – Merchant can view transaction details, raise complaints, paper roll requests etc in the mobile app.


  • No installation charges, paper roll charges, late batch settlement charges, low usage charges and duplicate/backdated statement charges for any location or type of business.
  • Nil Rent for IB-ifreedom prime Current Account customers.

Advantages of PoS:

  • Portable; Take anywhere inside India
  • Eliminates the need to carry Cash
  • Faster and Easier
  • Facility for Manual/auto batch settlement of PoS transactions
  • Eliminates man power for physical cash maintenance
  • Quick confirmation/ transaction status will be sent to the merchant by SMS
  • Consolidated transaction details are sent through SMS/e-mail


For more details, contact your nearest Indian Bank branch.

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