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Merchant UPI QR Code

Merchant UPI QR Code

UPI QR (Scan & Pay) is a digital payment acceptance channel displayed at the merchant establishment to facilitate receipt of payments by scanning the QR Code from any UPI linked mobile app. A UPI QR code based payment solution represents a new channel of initiating and accepting payments between buyers and sellers (or consumer and merchants) using mobile phone.

Feature of the product:

  • Inter-operable– You can use any of the apps that support UPI and pay using any UPI App.
  • Hassle Free– Fast and secure interface that enables customers to use their smart phones to make cashless payments. Hence, customers need not to carry physical Cards.
  • Secure- A single click payment makes the UPI system quite attractive Your Card details are not exposed to any third party.
  • No additional charges– No Maintenance cost for the merchants and transactional charges at present
  • Offers instant money transfer via mobile device 24×7 for all 365 days

 Type of QR Codes:

Indian Bank offers two types of UPI QR Code as follows:

  1. Small Merchant QR code– For Merchants having monthly inward credit through UPI less than Rs 1,00,000. Merchants can generate Static and Dynamic QR code using IB Small Merchant App available in google Play store.
  2. Corporate Merchant QR code– having monthly inward credit through UPI more than Rs 1,00,000 per month. Merchants can avail static UPI QR by submitting application form to nearest branches.

Pre-requisites for UPI QR Code for Merchants

  • Merchants need to have a Savings/Current/OD/OCC account with Indian Bank.

IB Corporate Merchant  e-Rupi Redemption Application

  •  A Mobile Application for Indian Bank UPI QR merchants to Redeem eRupi prepaid vouchers and generate static/dynamic UPI QR. Remitter (customers of the merchant) will scan the QR code and make payment to the merchant using any UPI App. For eRupi voucher redemption facility, beneficiary needs to display the eRupi voucher QR code and merchants will redeem the App using IB Corporate Merchant App.
  • This will facilitate merchants to receive money through UPI mode. It supports Secure and instant transfer of funds without any extra charges from customer’s Bank account to merchant’s account.

IB Corporate Merchant App-Features Supported

  • SIM based Authentication
  • eRupi voucher redemption facility
  • Dynamin and Static QR Code Generation

IB Corporate Merchant App- Transaction Features

  • Collection of Payment through QR Scanning
  • eRupi voucher redemption facility
  • Transaction History viewing

Pre-requisites for UPI Corporate QR Code for Merchants

  • Merchants need to have a Savings/Current/OD/OCC account with Indian Bank.
  • Smart phone (Presently Android).
  • Data connection

Dash Board for UPI QR Merchants

  • Merchants Who are on-boarded on UPI QR Platform can now get QR transaction reports through UPI QR Dashboard.
  • Merchant can login and get MIS reports for transactions done through all the QR code mapped to an account in the portal
  • Dashboard portal link:

UPI QR Code SoundBox

  • The UPI QR Sound box is a small portable speaker for daily payment alerts, which comes with a SIM based connectivity.
  • When a customer makes a payment by scanning an UPI QR code the Sound box will notify merchants of successful payments with a loud alert.
  • This device can be mapped with Merchant UPI QR and all payments received on scanning the QR will be announced.
  • Contact nearest Indian Bank Branch for getting UPI QR code soundbox..

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