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PM–Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana Roof Top Solar Loan Scheme

PM–Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana Roof Top Solar Loan Scheme

S.N. Parameter Eligibility Conditions

(Up-to 3KW)

Eligibility Conditions

(Above 3 KW to 10 KW)

1 Purpose and Loan amount Installation of Solar Roof Top Upto 3 KW

Maximum Loan Amount: 2.00 lacs

Installation of Solar Roof Top more than 3 KW and up-to 10 KW

Maximum Loan Amount: 6.00 lacs

1 a. Project Cost Assumption Maximum Loan Amount assuming cost of Installation @ Rs. 70000 per KW. (approximately)
2. Eligibility 1. All Individual Applicants

2. Applicant having CIBIL Score of 680 & above (NTC also eligible)

3. Have Roof Top Rights on which the installation is proposed.

4. Have sufficient Roof area as mandated by MNRE from time to time.

5. Latest Electricity Bill in the name of applicant.

2.a. Age As per HL Scheme.
 3. Margin Minimum 10% of the Project Cost Minimum 20% of the Project Cost
 4. Interest Rate ROI –Repo ( at present 6.50%)+Spread (0.50%) presently 7% For Home Loan customers

(Same rate as Home Loan)

For Non-Home Loan Customers

(Home Loan ROI + 100 bps)

 5. Tenor Maximum 120 months (Inclusive of Moratorium Period)

No Minimum period

(No pre-payment penalty)

 6. Security Hypothecation of Assets
 7. Processing Fees NIL
8. Subsidy i. 1KW – Rs. 30,000

ii. 2KW – Rs. 60,000

iii. 3KW – Rs. 78,000

Subsidy Amount – Rs. 78000


1)    To be Claimed by Borrower. Borrower to apply for subsidy by providing loan account for credit of subsidy amount in respective Loan account.

2)    In case the subsidy is received in other than loan account, suitable undertaking in the matter is to be obtained from the borrower that he/she will deposit the same in loan account.

3)    EMI to be revised once subsidy is credited in loan account.

4)    Extant guidelines of Central/State Govt. subsidy scheme are to be complied with.

 9. Net Annual Income No Requirement Minimum – Rs. 3 lacs
 10. Moratorium 6 Months from the date of Disbursement
11. Disbursement Disbursement to be made directly to the Vendor / EPC Contractor after submission of all the required feasibility reports as mandated by MNRE.

Disbursement of Loan Amount + Borrower’s Margin

(Subsidy to be claimed by Borrower / Vendor quoting the Loan Account Number)

 12. Other Covenants
  • All applications will be sourced through Jan Samarth Portal Only.
  • Available for Self-Sourced Journey as well as assisted journey.
  • Insurance of assets financed through bank loan NOT mandatory for Roof Top Solar Capacity between 1 kw to 3 kw
  • Asset to be insured for the total cost of installation for capacity more than 3 kw. Cost of insurance to be borne by the customer.
 13. In-Principle Offer Digital In-Principle Sanction to be given based on Self Declaration by the Applicant. Final Sanction to be based on verification of relevant documents and assessment.
14. Lead Generation To apply register at

After successful registration, please apply at

15. Other Condition
  • PAN is mandatory for applicants applying under solar rooftop scheme with installation capacity above 3 KW to 10 KW.
  • Only new equipment/machineries shall be allowed for installation and shall not be allowed to shift anywhere once installed.
  • Bank will not be part of the claim and disbursement process of the subsidy and the same will have to be claimed by the borrower, as per the extant government guidelines in force for the same

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