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IB Smart Kid

IB Smart Kid

IB Smart Kid

TARGET CUSTOMERS ·   For children of age 1 day to less than 18 years. Single only for minor – by Father/Mother and guardian


·   In the case of court appointed guardian – by guardian


KYC REQUIREMENT ·   As applicable to Normal Savings Bank account
NATURE OF OPERATION ·   With/Without Cheque facility
AVERAGE MONTHLY MINIMUM BALANCE ·   Rs.100/- average monthly balance for non cheque book operated savings bank accounts

·   Rs.250/- average monthly balance for cheque operated savings bank accounts

CHARGES FOR NON-MAINTENANCE OF MINIMUM BALANCE ·   Charges based on the amount of short fall in average monthly balance. Refer latest service charges notification.
CHEQUE BOOK ·   20 leaves free per calendar year
DD ·   Remittance by DD of school/college fees at par. Others chargeable
RTGS/NEFT ·   Free if done online.


·   ATM/Debit card eligible for minors of age10 years or more to those who maintain the prescribed minimum balance and subject to consent by parents / guardian for issue of ATM debit card.
CONVERSION OF ACCOUNT INTO NORMAL SB ·   After the child attains majority (18 years of age), the account can be converted to regular SB deposit.

·   Any cheques issued by Guardian prior to the date of the Customer attaining majority and which has been presented for clearing after the conversion of the Account shall not be honoured.

·   Upon the Customer attaining majority, the Guardian shall not be permitted to operate the Account

NOMINATION ·   Available
INTERNET BANKING ·  It can be provided with the approval of the guardian. The Guardian is solely and exclusively bound by the terms and   conditions for issue of the login password and the transaction password to the minor/ the Guardian/Parent as applicable and the Guardian /Parent further agrees, confirms and undertake that he is solely and exclusively liable and responsible for all charges/expenses/other monies incurred/due and payable on the Internet and debited by the Bank from the Account.
SERVICE CHARGES ·        As per latest service charges notification

Note:   All other terms and conditions as applicable to Normal Savings Bank Account shall apply for this product also


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