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Processing Fee on Personal Segment Loan Products

Processing Fee on Personal Segment Loan Products

Retail Loan Products – Processing Fee

GST will be recovered separately as all charges prescribed are exclusive of GST

(GST 18% as on date)

Product Name Processing Charges
IB Home Loan to Residents

Home Loan to NRI

IB Plot Loan to NRI


IB Home Improve

IB Home Loan Plus

IB Home Enrich

Plot Loan to Residents

Repair and Renovation

Home Loan to Corporate Entity 0.25% of the loan amount

Minimum: ₹25,000.00

Maximum: ₹5.00 lakhs

Ind Mortgage Scheme

Rent Encash

IB Rental

1.00% on the loan amount


IB Reverse Mortgage 0.30% on the loan limit
IB Vehicle Loan (Car) NIL
IB Vehicle Loan (2 Wheeler) 1% on the loan amount
IB Vehicle Loan (Used Car) 1% on the loan amount (max. ₹10000)
Loan for Purchase of “Van / Minibus / Bus / Ambulance” to Institutions / Firms / PSU / Company / Hospitals 1% on the loan amount (max. ₹100000 per loan)
IB Educational Loan – Study In India & Studies Abroad Upto ₹10 lakhs:   Nil

Above ₹10 lakhs: 0.15% max. ₹3000.00

IB Educational Skill Loan

Educational Loans covered under Credit Guarantee Scheme

IB Education Loan Prime

Pre-approved Personal Loan ₹470.00
Clean Salary Loan

Clean Salary Loan Overdraft

For Govt/PSU Employees: Nil

For others: 1.00% on the Loan amount; Maximum : Rs.10000.00

IB Pension Loan Scheme Upto ₹25000: NIL

Above ₹25000: ₹250.00

Jewel Loan (Non-Priority)

OD against Gold Jewels

Loan against NSC/LIC Bonds Upto ₹ 1 Lakh : Nil

Above ₹ 1 Lakh : ₹ 500.00

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