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एनआरई एसबी अकाउंट्स

एनआरई एसबी अकाउंट्स


  • Accounts can be opened by remittances from abroad,deposit of foreign exchange brought into India , transfer from existing self NRE/FCNR accounts.
  • Accounts can be opened jointly with any other Non-Resident Indian / Residents who are close relatives (as defined in Section 6 of the Companies Act 1956) of the NRI.
  • Joint account with resident close relatives is permitted only under Former (NRI) or Survivor (resident) basis.
  • Non-Resident Indians can appoint residents to operate their NRE accounts for local payments through a power of attorney.


  • Withdrawals for local payments or payments abroad in any convertible currency are allowed as per the extant RBI guidelines.
  • Standing instructions can be undertaken for periodic payments of insurance premia, school fees, etc.
  • Funds from these accounts are freely repatriable.
  • Nomination facility is available. – Nominee can either be a resident in India or a resident outside India .

Tax Benefit

  • Interest on the deposit is free of Indian Income Tax.
  • Use of NRE accounts is obligatory for channelising funds for all repatriable investments in India (including investments in shares and securities).

Salient Features

  • Deposit scheme where balance are maintained in Indian Rupees.

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