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Remit of India

Remit of India

Modes of Remittance of Funds from Abroad
  • Cable / TT Remittance
  • Personal cheque drawn on a foreign centre
  • Foreign currency / Traveller’s Cheque tendered by NRI During temporary visit to India
  • Moneygram
  • Xpress Money
  • Speed Remit (From Singapore)

How to remit funds from abroad to an account in India 

Customers may remit funds in US Dollars, GBP, EURO or certain other currencies to an account in India by means of Cable/TT remittance through their bankers.
  • When you want to remit funds to any Bank in India, your Banker will require some basic information of Name, Account Number of the beneficiary and the Name of the Branch/Bank to which the amount is to be credited etc.,
  • To ease your remittance, we furnish you the details of our Correspondent Bank Name/ SWIFT Code/Account Number and our Bank’s details /SWIFT Code.
  • In the pull down menu shown below, select the Currency in which you want to remit and press DISPLAY button.
  • A list of our Correspondent Banks in that particular currency will appear just below the pull down menu. For certain currencies where we have only one correspondent Bank, only one Bank’s name will appear.
  • Click on the Correspondent Bank Name through which you want to remit the funds.
  • A small form with the above mentioned details will open up. Print this form and fill up the other details as required.
  • Enclose this form at the time of remittance along with your Banker’s Transfer Challan.
Remittance Details to be filled by you and handed over to your Banker for easy transfer of funds to Destination branch In India

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