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Add to your Financial Stability – with IND Shakti 555 days

Are you looking to build your wealth in the current environment in a trusted way? Then, Term Deposits are just your answer!

With better returns with lesser risks, say hello to IND Shakti 555 Days from Indian Bank! A special term deposit that permits investments below Rs 2 Crores, for a period of 555 days with an interest rate of 7.00% p.a for general public and 7.50% p.a for Senior Citizens. With the flexibility to open either as a Fixed Deposit (FD) or a Money Multiplier Deposit (MMD), the deposit comes with callable options too.

The offering comes with our strong intent to pass on the benefit of RBI’s policy rate changes to our customers, in line with our long-term vision and growth policy.

If you are an individual, NRI, Proprietorship or Partnership Firm, Association, Society, Club, Religious/Charitable or Educational Institution, Municipality or Panchayat Committee, Government or Quasi Government Body, you can avail the benefits of this offering now by logging onto your Net Banking account or IndOASIS App. The account can also be opened at an Indian Bank branch.

Interest, net of TDS shall be payable on monthly/quarterly intervals or on maturity through the linked account (SB/CA) of the customer. In case there are no operative accounts of the customer, maturity proceeds will be paid by DD or through NEFT/RTGS as per customer’s choice. No interest will be paid on deposits which remains for a period of less than 7 days.

Loans against deposits may be availed digitally and such requests shall be granted as per our discretion and guidelines on loan against deposits.

This much-awaited special deposit scheme with an attractive interest rate is valid until 31st March, 2023. Indian Bank holds the right to extend/ withdraw the facility in full or in part at its discretion at any time in future.

Indian Bank, your own bank, is one of the oldest banks in the country, operational since 1907. Explore our various Term Deposits for rewarding interest rates and high returns.

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