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Tab Banking

India Bank’s Digital Banking Benchmark with Tab Banking

It’s an absolutely immersive digital world out there, replete with new and refreshing experiences for users – where counters have evolved into interfaces, changing rooms into virtual try-on and store representatives into interactive chatbots. Indeed, the digital revolution has changed the way we look at the world, so much so that it has changed the way we bank with it too.

Digitization of the banking sector has overshadowed mundane processes of filling up account opening forms, CIF forms and physical bookkeeping, to keep up with the evolving and digitally-savvy customer. It makes laborious processes instant, reducing Turnaround Time (TAT), thus altering banking behaviour.

The Changing InterFace of Account Opening

Adding up to the ‘Anywhere Anytime’ scheme of things in a new normal world, is the Tablet Banking or Tab Banking experience for account opening formalities introduced by Indian Bank. Offering to revamp routine banking tasks – of physically taking the time out to visit a branch, skimming through brochures, and filling up a form – Indian Bank’s tab banking offers a visually more compelling, shoulder-to-shoulder interaction between customers and bank staff.

With its Tab Banking, Indian Bank is going so far as to offer first-class banking that is feature-rich and engaging, ultimately redefining processes and building a better branch experience. In doing so, it is seamlessly offering a personalized banking experience.

Blending Sophistication with Convenience

Indian Bank’s Tab Banking experience will physically position bank staff next to the customer, inviting collaboration, interaction and ease of action. This paradigm shift in Indian Bank’s banking experience will enable watching an informative video, reviewing terms & conditions and getting email signatures a more immersive and sophisticated experience.

Opening an Indian Bank Savings Account with Tab Banking will involve:


  1. Instant Account Opening

Rather than scheduling a date and time for a bank visit, revisiting an old brochure from the drawer and waiting for hours on end to physically sign off on the account opening task, the process will involve an enticing presentation on the part of the representative right where the customer is – his home or workplace – thereby saving time and effort, initiating split-second conversations and healthy discussions.



  1. Fully Secured Mode

Indian Bank’s Tab Banking entails Savings Account opening in a fully secure mode and eliminates rejections due to incomplete forms or KYC mismatches. Biometric-based authentication further eases Aadhaar cardholders into the account opening procedure.

3. No Physical Presence

Apart from eliminating the need to visit a branch, the Tab Banking process requires no filling of Account Opening and CIF forms and therefore no paperwork or safekeeping.

5. Convenience at the Doorstep

Indian Bank finally joins the bandwagon of leading banking and financial institutions that are offering their customers a simple, safe and secure mode of transacting through a seamless ‘bank-from-home’ experience.

  1. Reduced Turnaround Time

By empowering agents to access and upload customer information to the central hub in real-time, Indian Bank is providing better services to its customers and reducing processing time and physical effort.

Deeper Bonding with Tab Banking

This omnichannel banking experience from Indian Banking will integrate innovative technology to strengthen personal connections between our staff and customers, by making interactions and conversations open and authentic.

“In tune with “Feet on Street”, Indian Bank’s Tab Banking will empower field functionaries to extend more personalized service to its customers. The entire process is digitally driven without any need of paperwork.” – Shri Shanti Lal Jain, MD & CEO, Indian Bank

Keeping a Tab on Indian Bank SB Account

Here is the procedure for opening an SB Account with a Tablet:

  1. Check whether the IB Staff App (Android) is installed in the Tab
  2. Allow our agent to log in to IB Staff App using their AD Login & password
  3. The “Digital SB Account Opening” icon, accessible only to staff who are whitelisted by their respective Zonal Offices, will visit you at your doorstep
  4. Your Customer Name, Mobile No & E-mail (optional) will be entered after validation through mobile OTP
  5. Through a biometric capture, your AADHAR will be entered. The System will validate and fetch details (Name, Address, Photo, Signature, DOB etc.) from UIDAI. The details fetched from UIDAI will not be allowed to be amended.
  6. Mandatory details will be requested for: Communication address (if different from AADHAR), Nomination details (if required), Social attributes, Father / Spouse Name, Mother Name, Annual Income, PAN No ( Validated with NSDL)/ Form-60, Occupation, Marital status, State and Village Code.
  7. Documents to be captured by taking a photo of you using the Tab: Photo with Signature, Photo, Signature, PAN/ Form 60, Declaration Form (FATCA & other declarations). All the documents should be cropped using the tool available in the software and saved.  Assist the agent in capturing the picture with proper solid background, lighting and focus. All these images are only going to be uploaded to CAPC and CKYCR.
  8. After verification of details by our agent, your SB account will be opened with Debit Freeze in CBS and the account number will be intimated to you through a Welcome SMS & E-mail. If you are already maintaining an SB account with our Bank, a corresponding message will be displayed.
  9. Digital copies of Account Opening Forms (AOF), Customer Information File (CIF) Form, Photo, Signature, Proof Of Identity (POI) & PAN will be pushed to CAPC for verification and the debit freeze will be released.
  10. After approval in the In-house CAPC portal by Branch, data will be uploaded to CKYCR (CERSAI) on T+1. In case of any errors, it will be shown to the Branch for rectification as per the prevailing practice.

Tab Banking on Unbanked Customers

In line with RBI’s sustained efforts at increasing the penetration of financial products and services in unbanked areas in the country, Indian Bank’s Tab Banking initiative is gaining all the more prominence and addressing the need for greater financial inclusion, drawing most vulnerable citizens into using banking services and innovative financial products through their agents in unbanked areas.

Winning Hearts at the Doorsteps With many millennials and Gen Z customers opting for more innovative banking and financial products, there is a likelihood that the physical banking experience may soon be regarded as a thing of the past. However, we can say with utmost surety that a Tab Banking experience such as the one offered by Indian Bank will lead to increased satisfaction rates, less paperwork, fewer errors, reduced queues, improved security and a more inviting branch layout – all bundled into one delightful experience for our customers at their doorsteps.

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