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आईबी पेंशन ऋण

आईबी पेंशन ऋण

Eligibility Central & State Government Pensioners, Family Pensioners, Re-employed Pensioners, IB Retirees (both under VRS & superannuation) whose pension accounts are maintained with our branches

CRS retirees and EPF Pensioners are not eligible for Pension Loan

Regular Pensioner Maximum Entry Age: 75 years

Maximum Exit Age:   78 years

Family Pensioner Maximum Entry Age: 72 years

Maximum Exit Age:   75 years

No specific minimum entry age

Purpose To meet any expenses like Medical, Education, Family & Domestic Functions, Marriage etc
Margin NIL
Quantum of loan
Regular Pensioner Maximum 18 times of monthly pension credit
Family Pensioner Maximum 12 times of monthly pension credit
Repayment Period Maximum repayment period up to 10 years subject to exit age criteria
Interest Rate Click here
Processing Fee Click here
Security/Documents required
  • Pensioner’s portion of PPO
  • Authorization to recover monthly loan installment from SB Account where pension is credited
  • Suitable Guarantor as acceptable to Bank
  • Intimation to PPA

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