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इमेज – प्रधानाचार्य का संदेश

इमेज – प्रधानाचार्य का संदेश

Dear Colleagues,

Human Capital is undoubtedly the most valuable resource for the Banking Industry in the current volatile scenario. A qualified and efficient workforce is a true differentiator in an intensely competitive and demanding environment. The success mantra of “smiling and greeting a customer from behind the desk” today needs higher capabilities as there is a significant focus on the quality of business, error free service, compliance of regulatory standards, customer acquisition and retention. Coupled with this, in the recent years, loss of talent and experienced work force due to large scale retirements has impacted the quality of business and enhanced the inherent risk element by a few notches.

In the given scenario, the future of the Banking Industry entails better talent management by training employees across multiple skills with increased focus on measuring and improving employee productivity.  While competence is about worthiness and levels of proficiency of an individual, competency is characterised by knowledge, skills, mindset and the resulting behaviour and actions that help in successful performance in the assigned role or task. Also, with multiple access and delivery channels, the concept of `working hard’ has now been replaced with `working smart’.

To address the challenge posed by the paradigm shift, employees’ learning curve needs to travel beyond academic learning to building business responsive skills that aim at maximising organisational growth. Hence the intent of every good training program should be to create a reasonable and accessible path of learning to enable the employee to understand and assimilate the domain knowledge, provide exposure to new knowledge, advanced skills, technologies and tools that are critical to business growth.

Apart from responding to these dynamics of learning, training system at Indian Bank strives to make the employees future proof, explore their own potential and establish themselves as professionals in their identified job roles. It also focuses on the need to build up the intrinsic value of an employee and make them grow as an asset to the organisation by doing business responsibly.

Our objective is also to create the most ideal learning environment. Besides the regular classroom training, a lot of self learning resources like e-journals, e-books, question Banks are made available in the Digital Library space in the IMAGE portal which in itself is  a knowledge treasure trove and can  be used wisely to keep oneself updated on an ongoing basis.

Our efficient query resolution portal “Shanka Samadhaan” has gained a lot of traction over the year which is also a healthy reflection on the growing tech-orientation of the employees in their routine operational trouble shooting.

We request all staff members to make use of all the learning resources available in the IMAGE portal: Help Desk->IMAGE-> Digital Library to enrich their knowledge and to have an edge over their competitors.

We welcome your suggestions, feedback, contributions and your active participation to add more muscle to our knowledge building initiatives as well as in blending our efforts seamlessly with the business strategies at the field level.

With best wishes,



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