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IMAGE – Principal’s Message

IMAGE – Principal’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

Human capital is one of the most important resources for the success of any organisation, which is the reason employees are regarded as the most valuable assets. It is therefore important that this human capital is nurtured and developed through a structured training process which promotes knowledge updation and fine tuning of skills.

The COVID 19 pandemic, initially and apparently was a big blow, coupled with the already depleting expertise and knowledge due to the gap caused by massive retirements and inflow of young and new incumbents. But the new realities stemming from the COVID 19 crisis have underscored the importance of continual learning supported by digital training tools.

In line with the above, training through digital mode was commenced and picked up the momentum quickly. Training programs on Credit, MSME Finance, Agri. Finance, FX, Credit Monitoring, Turnaround of loss making branches, Induction training for POs / Clerks and various Competency areas were conducted for all employees to bridge the knowledge gap and develop required skill & attitude for taking the organisation to greater heights. The e learning platform ‘e Pathsala’ has also been strengthened with new modules and e programs.

Training content, power point presentations and FAQs on various vital disciplines have been ported in the e learning platforms making learning and transition more smooth sailing and user-friendly.

By equipping the employees with the information and training they need, on the job and within the flow of work, we trust and hope they are better prepared to address customers’ needs and deliver a consistent experience. This higher-quality level of service is more important than ever, as this is what speaks of Brand Indian Bank and how it responds to crisis, and can put customers at ease, ensuring loyalty and repeat business.

Modern learning solutions also provide an opportunity to achieve a culture of transparency, built on a foundation of real-time communications that inspire trust and loyalty and access to on-demand training that invests in employees’ professional and personal development.

Apart from responding to these dynamics of learning, training system at Indian Bank strives to make the employees future proof, explore their own potential and establish themselves as professionals in their identified job roles. It also focuses on the need to build up the intrinsic value of an employee and make them grow as an asset to the organisation by doing business responsibly.

Our efficient query resolution portal “Shanka Samadhaan” has gained a lot of impetus over the years which is also a healthy reflection on the growing tech-orientation of the employees in their routine operational trouble shooting. Our monthly e journals namely Banking Updates & Knowledge Bank, loaded with articles on current and interesting topics are also being ported in help desk.

We request all staff members to make use of all the learning resources available in the IMAGE portal: Help DeskIMAGE-> Digital Library to enrich their knowledge and to have an edge over their competitors.

We welcome your suggestions, feedback, contributions and your active participation to add more muscle to our knowledge building initiatives as well as in blending our efforts seamlessly with the business strategies at the field level.

With best wishes,



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